Celebrating 150 yrs of history in Wellington

Old St Paul’s lighting show

Last night saw the pre-launch of a lighting show, which was projected onto the exterior of Old St Paul’s Cathedral. The show depicted 150 years of history, and it is available for the public to see over the next week running from 6pm to 9pm. This forms part of the Wellington’s anniversary celebrations. The evening itself was very well attended, with the deputy Mayor Justin Lester speaking on the significance of the event.

Jeff Hart says: It was a fantastic evening, and it is incredible to see the talent of the guys who have put this together. I would encourage anyone who is passionate about Wellington, or would like to see something special, to go and have a look. What you will see is a 9 minute video beamed onto the cathedral using lights and animation, covering 150 years of history. It is not every day that you will get to see something like this. The detail, including a shot of the Interislander ferry racing across the building, I thought was very different, clever, and special.

Jackson Estate is very proud to help with the sponsorship of this event. We share a similar vision to Old St Paul’s and Heritage NZ in that we appreciate the importance of heritage. As the wine industry has grown there has been substantial change to it, and we at Jackson Estate are proud that we have been able to keep to some of the fundamentals whereby we remain 100% New Zealand owned and continue to produce boutique, premium, hand crafted wines. We see it as a natural fit to support something of such importance and fantastic heritage.

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